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The Publishing House and its History

Aracari Publishing was founded in 2009.

Aracari Publishing believes that more space needs to be made in everyday family life for the realm of the imagination, for dreams and stories, so that children as well as their parents can relate to themes of true authenticity, emotion and the elemental. Our almost unlimited access to material goods is no substitute for the search for answers to fundamental questions like love and security, life and death, friendship and loneliness and so much more. Only through negotiating such topics does true self-awareness and a deep relationship with the world become possible.

Aracari Publishing seeks to return to children and adults the wealth of experience gained through reading and to do so in a contemporary way. Aracari’s goal is to publish books that do not seek to romanticise and gloss over the real world but rather to produce exciting works tinged with humour and profound insights, books that are highly artistic, of fine quality and have stunning images, while simultaneously plumbing the essence of things and venturing into the past.

The themes are as diverse and multi-faceted as the regions from which the authors and illustrators come. The very name of the publishing house - aracari - a brightly coloured South American toucan – says it all, because the focus of our publishing house is on sophisticated picture books with original illustrations by international artists from France, Italy, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland - the work of writers of fine literary talent!


At its launch in the autumn of 2010 aracari had 9 titles on its list. In the meantime the range of published works has grown to over 50 books and various non-book-products. Not only does aracari offer the classical picture book range but also a boardbook series, a small library of philosophical books, picture books without words and a Christmas series.

Authors and Illustrators

Aracari is for example working together with: Brigitte Endres, Marc-Alexander Schulze, Mies van Hout, Leo Timmers, Michael Mantel, Anna Karina Birkenstock und Claudia de Weck.

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Foreign Rights Highlights

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Eating Like Animals. A Children’s Cookbook

  • Tanja Kirschner
  • Illustrated by Tanja Kirschner
  • Spring 2016, 34 pages, 21 x 26 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 6+
  • Rights sold to China (simplified)

Children just love cooking both for themselves and for others! What fun for them to decide on their own what is going to be put on the table. Food that has been lovingly chopped and prepared always tastes best and cooking is a great way for children to practice counting, weighing and measuring. This children’s cookbook kindles and nurtures the enthusiasm in children, even fussy eaters, for eating and cooking in an unconventional way, as the favorite food of their favorite animals serves as the basic ingredients for the recipes. Besides yummy meals for the whole family, this book is fun and shows interesting facts about 13 hungry animals and their eating habits providing 27 delicious recipes.

Where Are You Going, Grandpa?

  • Brigitte Endres
  • Illustrated by Marc-Alexander Schulze
  • Autumn 2015, 32 pages, 22.5 x 27.5 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • All rights available

Emmi’s Grandpa is very, very sick. Maybe he has to leave us. “Grandpa? Where are you going?” asks Emmi quietly. Grandpa turns his head and looks at her for a long time. “It’s a secret and an adventure” he finally whispers. Emmi likes secrets, and adventures too. “Tell me more, Grandpa!” This children’s book deals with the topic of death in a delicate and sensitive way.

No Sleep For Ole. A Bedtime Story

  • Karl Rühmann
  • Illustrated by Lena Hesse
  • Spring 2010, 32 pages, 22.5 x 28.7 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 5+
  • Rights sold to Russia, Iran

What do you do if you can’t sleep? Get upset? Certainly not – Ole thinks and looks for something to count. Counting makes you sleepy, that is for sure. But to be certain that this trick works, Ole needs to reach his favorite number: 10. Easier to say than to do! Finally he succeeds. Not only it makes him sleep, but it’s fun, too! Regardless how annoying a problem might be – there will always be a solution.


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Contact Person

Managing Director Maria Werner

Public Relations and Events Pia Mortensen

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