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Edition bi:libri is one of the very first publishing house in Germany to specialize exclusively in multilingual children’s books. The company was founded in 2004 with the expressed goal of supporting bilingual children in both of their languages with children’s fiction. Our books provide linguistically inspiring designs and a wide range of illustration styles to appeal to every child’s taste. We select universal themes, such as friendship, tolerance, finding courage, facing fears, etc., to insure that our stories are understandable and interesting for native speakers of all of our target languages.

Mehr Sprachen in einem Buch


More than 60 original titles have been produced by bi:libri since the company opened its doors, each in up to twelve different language versions.

Particularly successful is our series bilibrini – the little bilinguals for children from 2 years of age. Each softcover title provides its readers with the basic vocabulary for a particular topic (colors, clothes, zoo animals, etc.) in short, simple sentences. A word-picture strip at the bottom of each page supports the new vocabulary acquisition.

Our first readers series billi – I can read bilingually is appropriate for children from 6 years of age who can already read in two languages or who want to learn how.

Additionally, almost 20 titles have been published in the series NordSüd / bi:libri. These titles are the result of a cooperation with NordSüd Verlag, begun in 2008, that has allowed us to add famous characters such as The Rainbow Fish, The Little Polar Bear and Davy to our program and make them available in bilingual editions for our readers.

Our titles are currently being produced in the following languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Kurdish/Kurmancî, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian, each in combination with German. Several titles are also available in Greek and Tigrinya.

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Yeti Jo

  • Andreas Völlinger
  • Illustrated by Franziska Kalch
  • Autumn 2021, 28 pages, 21,0 x 29,7 cm
  • Picturebook
  • 4+
  • All rights available

Yeti Yo loves the cold.
And he loves snow.
And he loves to be all alone!
Until one day...
A warmhearted story about empathy,
friendship and the joy of sharing.


  • Lena Hesse
  • Illustrated by Lena Hesse
  • Autumn 2021, 28 pages, 30,0 x 23,0 cm
  • Picturebook
  • 3+
  • All rights available

It’s nice at home, but Dog is curious about the world around him. He goes on a voyage of discovery and finds out: the world is loud and quiet, deep and high. But above all, it’s colorful! “COLORFUL!” is a celebration of human, sensory, scenic, and biological diversity.

Very, very long!

  • Maddalena Schiavo
  • Illustrated by Eleonora Pace
  • Spring 2022, 32 pages, 21,6 x 21,6 cm
  • Picturebook
  • 3+
  • All rights available

Parents are always there for their kids. With long legs to get to them quickly or with long ears to hear every word they say. And kids are there for their parents, too, in their own special way.

Bedtime at the Zoo

  • Katharina E. Volk
  • Illustrated by Anastasiya Halionka
  • Spring 2023, 28 pages, 21,0 x 29,7 cm
  • Picturebook
  • 4+
  • All rights available

Night is falling at the zoo, but Pippo the parrot can’t fall asleep. Someone’s howling! Pippo flies through the enclosures to find the source of the noise, and along the way, helps many of the animals get ready for bed. But who’s howling? He finds that out too!


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