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As early as 1835, when book printer Carl Bertelsmann founded a small publishing house in Gütersloh, children's and young adult books were part of his program. It remained so throughout the eventful history of the publishing house. The "C. Bertelsmann Jugendbuchverlag" was founded as an individual publishing house within the Bertelsmann publishing group in 1968. After various readjustments cbj publishes children’s and young adult literature in hardcover editions since January 2018, while cbt will publish paperback editions for children and young adults.

“Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss” was created more than 15 years ago by Ingo Siegner. Take a look at: https://goo.gl/w1Ym7A !


cbj represents a wide range of high-quality books for children starting age three up to novels for adults. Our offer of hardcover books ranges from picture books and illustrated children’s books to books for reading out loud and thrilling children’s novels as well as young adult literature. A small, finely chosen range of non-fiction books rounds off our program.

cbj takes it upon itself to approach children’s books and young adult literature in a colorful, fresh, diverse, emotional and unique way. The publishing house picks up subjects that concern and affect kids and adolescents: friendship, fears, family, love, identity struggles as well as the coexistence of generations, including social and personal topics. The program mixes international and unique German titles in both our children’s and our youth program, serving all kinds of genres from fiction to non-fiction. That way, every child and adolescent finds a gem of a book, depending on their reading age, preferences and mood.

cbj strives to inspire and arise a love for reading. By publishing reading samples via ‘read’n’go’, cbj-books are just as mobile as their young target group (read-n-go.de). That way, young adults can access their readings anywhere at any time. It is especially the promotion of reading during the transition from primary to secondary school that is close to cbj’s heart: With its project “I’ll give you a book”, cbj donates over a million books to fourth and fifth graders in need every year, being supported in this charity act by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the Deutsche Post and the ZDF.

Endearing children's figures whose adventures readers can follow in high-quality stand-alones as well as in series have always been at the heart of the cbj children's book.

cbj publishes both realistic and fantastic young adult books. It obtained an especially grand competence in regard to all age literature, which accompanies young adults from the age of 14 and is often appreciated by much older readers as well.

The extensive and carefully composed paperback program offers everything that children and young adults love to read.

A matter close to our hearts is that all our books are climate-neutral. From beginning on, we have supported Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe’s climate-protection project to reforest the rainforest of Campo Grande in Brazil with all our products.

Current awards

  • DELIA-Jugendliteraturpreis 2024 – Auszeichnung
    Yasmin Shakarami: Tokioregen
  • Buxtehuder Bulle 2023 – Auszeichnung
    Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Inheritance Games
  • Friedrich-Glauser-Preis 2023 – Auszeichnung
    Elisabeth Herrmann: RAVNA - Die Tote in den Nachtbergen

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Street Tigers: The Hunt for the Cat’s Gold

  • Andreas Hüging, Angelika Niestrath
  • Illustrated by Timo Grubing
  • Spring 2024, 160 pages, 15.5 x 21 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 8+
  • All rights available
  • Website

When spoilt pet kitty Caruso bumps into cool alley cats Sushi and Puma, his life changes for ever: he joins them at Madame Coco’s School for Cats, where he learns everything an alley cat needs to know to be a top-class hunter. They have enemies to keep in check and Caruso soon throws himself into the fray, and proves that he’s more than just a cuddly little pet …

Magic Agents: Stockholm’s Trolls are on the Loose

  • Anja Wagner
  • Spring 2024, 304 pages, 15.5 x 21 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 10+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Evil never sleeps … as magic agent Elia Evander quickly finds out when she is sent to Sweden on a risky new job. Together with Magent-in-training Emil, she goes undercover in a boarding school, where a series of dark magical events have taken place. But as the duo search for clues, Emil is more a hindrance than a help, and they are trapped by a bunch of angry trolls. Have the mythical beings joined the power-hungry organisation ‘Elite’? Elia has one last chance to make sure that evil doesn’t win – and to bring peace and goodwill back to Stockholm and its inhabitants.

The third title in the successful Magic Agents series!

And You Will Die Smiling

  • Monika Feth
  • Spring 2023, 448 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm
  • Paperback
  • ab 14
  • All rights available
  • Website

Ivy is on the run. Why or from whom, she can’t remember. She only knows her first name. Hungry and with a stranger’s blood on her clothes, she takes refuge in a small town hotel – without money, a cellphone or
As she slowly begins to regain her memories, she realizes that this place is not safe either. She hides in a seaside resort, working at a beach hotel’s restaurant. But at night, she is haunted by nightmares – again and again. What did she witness? And why won’t she, under any circumstances, go and talk to the
police? A spine-tingling thriller with a strong heroine.

Highly topical issue of police violence combined with
psychological suspense

Magic Agents – Fairies on the Loose in Dublin

  • Anja Wagner
  • Spring 2023, 288 pages, 15.5 x 21.0 cm
  • Hardcover
  • ab 10
  • All rights available
  • Website

Elia Evander has just passed her ’Magent’s’ exam when she is launched into her first mission: a magical artefact has been stolen in Dublin, and more and more mythical creatures are appearing in the city, endangering its people. It’s a clear case for Elia! But smuggling the creatures back into their world presents
her with unexpected magical challenges.
Mythical creatures, magical action and a pinch of Irish wanderlust: the first mission for magician Elia Evander!

My Wonderful Self

  • Clarissa Corrêa da Silva
  • Illustrated by Maurizio Onano
  • Spring 2023, 176 pages, 15.5 x 21.0 cm
  • Hardcover
  • ab 10
  • All rights available
  • Website

Who or what is the “Self”? For children beginning to ask themselves who they are, what makes them tick and who they could become. The author explores the fascinating question of why we are who we are, in an in-depth yet playful way. Humorous, vivid and very knowledgeable, she introduces the science of epigenetics and encourages us to shape our own “Self”. Because every “Self” is a wonderful being with unimaginable possibilities.

I Am Me - and I'm Just Right

  • Neele
  • Illustrated by Inka Vigh
  • Spring 2023, 32 pages, 21.0 x 27.0 cm
  • Picturebook
  • 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

It’s not easy when others make fun of you: Are you smaller than a mouse, as timid as a rabbit, or as slow as a snail? It doesn’t matter! This picture book encourages children to stand up for themselves and their appearance, and then proudly say: “I am ME!” Everyone is special, unique and good at something! And when everyone sticks together, a strong, open “I am Me” becomes a happy, colourful “We are We”. An empowering picture book that celebrates each child as unique and promotes mutual understanding.Encourages self-confidence and tolerance – a positive message for all children and a more colourful, tolerant world.

Magic Hooves - Our Magic Pony Farm: A Chaotic Pony to Fall in Love With

  • Amelie Plaas-Link
  • Illustrated by Miriam Cordes
  • Spring 2023, 112 pages, 15.5 x 21.0 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 7+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Lina’s big dream has come true: there is a pony farm near her new home and she gets to learn to ride during the Magic Pony holiday week! But then, Kaspar, the farm’s chaotic horse, chooses Lina as her rider. Oh dear! But Kaspar and Lina learn to get along better with every riding lesson. And after Kaspar has been shod with magical glittering horseshoes, something quite magical happens: suddenly Lina speaks Kaspar’s language! And their first adventure together can begin.An exciting and enchanting read-alone story for children aged 7+.

Sick? Healthy? Your Body Is Always Busy!

  • Katja Ludwig
  • Illustrated by Dorothee Mahnkopf
  • Spring 2023, 48 pages, 24.0 x 32.0 cm
  • Picturebook
  • 5+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Cyto and Phago are white blood cells. They hunt down harmful invaders and are busy cleaning up day and night. It’s never boring with them – because new and exciting things are constantly happening in your body that require their input. No matter whether you have a scratchy throat or a tummy ache: they find the cause of your discomfort and take care of it right away. They do everything they can to make sure you’re healthy again soon!Author and doctor Katja Ludwig explains what happens in your body when you are ill – and gives tips on what you can do to feel better.


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