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The Publishing House and its History

Dorling Kindersley Verlag GmbH (DK) is a subsidiary of Dorling Kindersley Ltd., one of the leading illustrated reference publishers worldwide and part of Penguin Random House, formed on July 1st, 2013. DK produces highly visual, photographic non-fiction for adults and children in 62 languages and over 85 countries. The German branch has been publishing books since since 2000.

DK’s aim is to inform, enrich and entertain readers of all ages and everything DK publishes, whether print or digital, embodies the unique DK design approach. DK brings unrivaled clarity to a wide range of topics with a unique combination of words and pictures, put together to spectacular effect.


With over 500 titles, DK's children's book program offers the right book for every age group:

Across all age groups, young readers are particularly enthusiastic about DK's elaborately designed non-fiction books. These feature fascinating images, 3D-graphics, pop-ups, sound chips and other interactive elements.

Lovingly designed cardboard picture books and storybooks introduce even the youngest readers to the medium of books.

Curious beginning readers will find their favorite topics in many age-appropriate encyclopedias and captivating non-fiction stories in the 'SUPERLESER!' series, which are recommended by primary school teachers.

The richly illustrated reference books such as "Wissen für clevere Kids", take a new educational approach and are popular with the 8+ age group.

The 'memo Wissen' series will be published completely revised in 2024 and with a new feature: Kahoot! quiz questions for every book. The impressively designed non-fiction books explain many school syllabus topics for children from age 8 in an understandable way.

Another highlight are the books in collaboration with international licensing partners. The successful "Star Wars™", "LEGO® Star Wars™" and "Marvel" encyclopedias and non-fiction books are constantly on the bestseller lists.

In the children's fiction segment, DK has exciting and strong titles with Jamie Oliver's "Billy" and the "The Secret Explorers" series - written by authors who know how to captivate young readers age 7 and up.

Current awards

  • Buchempfehlungen der Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur 2023 – Hoffnung-Buchtipp Dezember
    Rubrik "Fit für die Zukunft" – Christine Paxmann, Patrick Oelze : Frieden für Kids erklärt. So geht's!
  • JugendSachbuchPreis 2023 – David Macaulay: Das Mammut-Buch Mathematik
  • JugendSachbuchPreis 2023 – Christine Paxmann, Patrick Oelze: Frieden für Kids erklärt. So geht's!
  • Buchempfehlungen der Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur 2022 – Naturbuch des Monats – Mai
    Exklusive Einblicke! Zoo
  • JugendSachbuchPreis 2022 – Heute back ich ... Brot!
  • JugendSachbuchPreis 2022 – Das Super-Labor Mathe
  • JugendSachbuchPreis 2021 – Katie Taylor, Lianne Harrison: Komm, wir gehen raus!

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