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The publishing house and its history

For DUMONT a calendar has been more than just 12 pictures for about 60 years. With around 200 titles published annually, DUMONT Kalenderverlag is one of the leading calendar publishers in Germany. Calendars for children have been an essential and successful part of the program for 20 years.


Wall decoration for children’s rooms!

In its choice of themes, DUMONT has a preference for illustrated children's books. We hang children's books on the wall, you might say. New for 2022 are Die großen Flüsse der Welt by Martin Haake, a cooperation with Gerstenberg Verlag, the family calendar Der kleine Rabe Socke in cooperation with Thienemann-Esslinger, various calendars on the Carlsen bestseller Die Schule der magischen Tiere or on Das Kaninchen im Fitnessstudio, the funny puzzle jokes by Klett Kinderbuch.

Back in 2002 the first calendar of the little hare Felix was published in cooperation with Coppenrath Verlag. Since then, many children's book heroes have made their appearance at DUMONT Kalenderverlag: including Pippi Longstocking, Otfried Preußler's characters, and Erhard Dietl's Olchis. The swarm pictures by Rotraut Susanne Berner or Ali Mitgutsch, the illustrations by Tom Schamp or Piotr Socha, which we have successfully produced as calendars with Gerstenberg and Ravensburger for many years, are virtually predestined for large-format wall calendars. The wall calendar Alle Welt (Moritz Verlag) is also a lasting success. Our book-affine program is complemented by TV-based licensed themes such as Die Sendung mit der Maus or Conni, which are particularly successful as family calendars.

The fact that our attention to detail and our many years of experience make every DUMONT calendar something special is proven by the many awards we receive, including the annual gregor calendar award and the Frankfurt Book Fair calendar prize.

Preview Catalogues


  • Rundherum in Stadt und Land

    Ali Mitgutsch
  • Die Schule der magischen Tiere

  • Mega-Familienplaner: Die Maus

  • Die großen Flüsse der Welt

    Martin Haake
  • Wie nennt man ein Kaninchen im Fitnessstudio

    Moni Port
    Philip Waechter


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