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The Publishing House and its history

Edition Michael Fischer GmbH is an innovative and trend-oriented book publisher based in Munich. The publishing house was founded in 1985 and stands for creative books in the advice sector that always have their finger on the pulse of the times. Under the EMF and echtEMF labels, more than 400 new books are published each year in the areas of children's and young people's books, food and drink, handicrafts, creative lifestyle, painting and drawing, gardening, stationery, games and popular non-fiction, which inspire readers with their design-oriented and trend-conscious layout.
EMF's children's book program aims to promote creativity through play and teach knowledge in a way that is appropriate for the children's age group - and it does so without pointing fingers. Under the slogan "Books for world discoverers", around 100 new titles are published each year, aimed at children from the age of 2 as well as teenagers.


EMF's children's book program is impressive for its diversity: whether books for painting or crafts, picture books, children's storybooks, sticker books, games or non-fiction books - there's something here for every taste. At EMF, children and young people not only find cool ideas for playing, crafting and drawing, they can also learn everything they need to know about exciting non-fiction topics, e.g. about space or the forest, in a completely playful way.
EMF's books are characterized by their unusual layout and design-oriented layout. With great attention to detail, the Munich publishing house creates titles for young and old that inspire with their design and have one thing in common: They want to spark curiosity, promote creativity, teach age-appropriate knowledge, but above all, they want to be fun. This is how young readers become courageous world explorers!

EMF's children's book program includes in-house productions as well as international licensed titles. Children from the age of 2 learn their first playful contact with the medium of books with colorful cardboard picture books, while the diverse picture books from the age of 3 invite them to laugh, dream and discover. In the narrative children's book program, German authors and illustrators let readers aged 8 and up solve gripping detective stories. Readers aged 10 and up can embark on exciting adventures through the desert and through time.

The non-fiction books in the program show children the diversity of the world and address important social issues such as sex education, anti-racism, family images and dealing with death and grief.

Another highlight are the XXL discovery sets on topics such as space, earth and robotics, which introduce children from age 8 and over to scientific topics in an age-appropriate way. Using 3D models to build yourself, exciting experiments and short, easy-to-understand texts, the solar system and the history of flight, among other things, are brought to life.

Current awards

  • JugendSachbuchPreis 2023 – Nominiert in der Kategorie Kreativ
    Pia von Miller: Schnipp, Schnipp, Hurra – Mein erstes Papierschneidebuch: Tatü-Tata! Einsatzfahrzeuge von Polizei, Feuerwehr und Co.
  • Deutscher Kinderbuchpreis 2023 – Nominiert und Top 10
    Sophia Kimmig & Lucie Göpfert: Wilde Tiere in der Stadt
  • LovelyBooks Community Award 2023 – Kategorie Kinderbuch
    Britta Kiwitt: Ach, das ist Familie?!
  • Raiffi Bilderbuchpreis Möhlin 2023 – Vera Brosgol & Anna Taube: Deckel drauf und aufbewahrt – Wie Frida ihre schönsten Erinnerungen bewahren wollte
  • Der Lese-Kicker 2022 – Sven Voss: Fußball Stars: 40 Idole und ihre Geschichte
  • Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis 2021 – Expedition Vitamine
  • Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis 2021 – Simone Wunschel: Was krabbelt, summt und quakt denn da?


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