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Under the motto ‘Von Anfang an richtig’ (Right from the Start), Duden‘s children’s books accompany children and parents during the important early years, and lay the foundation for the development of language skills – a vital prerequisite for cognitive development, and the basis for acquiring knowledge of any kind.

FISCHER Duden‘s children’s books are required to meet the stringent quality standards of the prestigious Duden brand. All concepts and contents are produced in consultation with educational experts.


Board books for children from 6 months to 3 years of age, learning and activity products for pre-school aged children in nursery, as well as pre-school workbooks and early reader books for beginning readers in the first two years of school make Duden‘s children’s books a comprehensive development programme for children from the time they can crawl until they start school. Sophisticated in design, always perfectly attuned to their target groups, and equipped with playfully intelligent concepts, FISCHER Duden‘s children’s books are aligned with current curricula in nursery, pre-school and primary school. All concepts are tested by educators, teachers, and, of course, parents and children.

Board books help children from the age of 6 months to 3 years recognise their first words and sentences, and teach them how to name the things in their small everyday world. Picture dictionaries, often containing flaps and sliding elements, successfully promote the development of fine motor skills in a child-oriented and easy fashion, and lay the foundation for cognitive development as a whole. Many exciting learning and activity products targeted at nursery and pre-school children constructively build on what was learned at crawling stage.

The Duden Leseprofi (Reading Professional series) offers school-aged children their first independent reading experiences. Thrilling stories by famous authors, stimulating illustrations by outstanding artists, and a cleverly conceived reading development concept help convey from the outset, through fun and a sense of achievement, the joy of reading - which lasts a lifetime. A wealth of standard works to aid linguistic and cognitive development, such as Das Duden Kindergartenlexikon, Mein Sprachspielbuch (My Language Playbook), and Mein Bewegungsspielbuch (My Motor Skills Playbook) round off the programme.

Current awards

  • Preuschof-Preis für Kinderliteratur 2020 – Christian Tielmann: Ein Kaugummi für die Mumie

Foreign Rights Highlights

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Hedgehog, Frog & Elephant. The Big Look-and-Find Animals Book

  • Christina Braun
  • Illustrated by Sebastian Coenen
  • Spring 2021, 16 pages, 23,5 x 31,5 cm
  • Boardbook
  • Ages 2+
  • Rights sold to Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland
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A hidden object-book that portrays well-known and more rare animals around the world.


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