The Publishing House and its History

»Free time is far too precious to waste!« With this motto in mind, Eugen A. Krauss founded frechverlag in 1955 and so paved the way for the popular TOPP books, which are synonymous with creativity and DIY trends. With its innovative ideas and keen instinct for the latest trends, frechverlag is not only the second-largest publisher of »how to« books in Germany, but also the leader in the market segments »creative manuals« and »creative books for children«.


frechverlag publishes a diverse program under the »TOPP« and »BusseSeewald« labels. With innovative titles in the different sections of the KinderKreativ children’s creative program – needlework, crafts, baking, creative living, and painting and drawing – it covers all of the main creative fields. The titles of the section »living conciously« give inspiration for a mindful and happy life. Thanks to its many years of experience as a publisher of how-to books for the creative market, its authors’ and employees’ inexhaustible wealth of ideas and its excellent, structured presentation of topics, frechverlag has secured itself a firm place on the creative market with more than 1000 available titles.

Fostering children’s creativity is one of frechverlag’s primary considerations, and one that it constantly reappraises. To complete the creative publications for the very young, frechverlag also offers children’s activity products in its program.

The KinderKreativ program

Nothing is more inspiring than a child’s colorful fantasy world because, to children, every day is a day brimming with adventure. New discoveries await them at every turn, and children have a tremendous natural impulse to experiment and try their hand at new things, such as needlework, painting, crafts, cutting, folding and sticking. In short, being creative helps children to grasp the world around them, while at the same time improving their powers of concentration and fine motor skills.

Children love being creative and discovering new things and are delighted when their efforts are crowned with success. The KinderKreativ program gives them the chance to experience that delight and provides countless creative ideas for needlework, painting, drawing, baking and crafts. Whether on their own, in twos, with friends or the whole family, children will have plenty of fun with the KinderKreativ titles, which contain great variety, lots of pictures and also helpful hints for parents and preschool teachers. That’s how young creators and discoverers can produce results quite simply step by step.

Children’s activity program

Children are always looking for something new, whether they are out and about or at home. The frechverlag children’s activity titles offer a wealth of creative ideas to keep them amused. The imaginatively designed books require no extra material but contain interactive elements that inspire creativity, so they make perfect travel companions and gifts.

The craft activity books for the smallest offers employment and early support for the creative minis from 3 years of age. Creative painting fun with magic for young and old is guaranteed with the Magic Paper Coloring Books.

The non-book children’s products come as exciting all-inclusive sets: inside the various attractively designed packages, children will find instructions plus all of the materials they need – to get started right away!

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