Klett Kinderbuch

The Publishing House and its History

Klett Kinderbuch was founded in Leipzig in 2008, as a small subsidiary of the big Stuttgart-based Klett Group. Since 2015 it's an independent publishing house. We produce seven to ten titles every season, for children between 2 and 12 years and their adults.

What’s Important to us

Everyday Adventures

We want to offer mainly pre-school and primary-school children authentic stories in which they can recognize their own lives. It’s fine if they’re sometimes rough, rude and unconventional, because luckily enough, children’s lives are often just that way, too.

Craving for Knowledge

We don’t mind children learning something from our books, but if they do then it has to be fun and take the royal road of good stories.

Books with Bite

We want to make books that get people excited and provoke arguments. Books that leave a mark on everyday life and get readers talking.

Ready, Steady, Read!

We want to make books that are spirited, catchy and true, but never dumb or boring. Books that automatically make children rush to get reading.


Picture Books and More

Board books featuring familiar items, fun rhymes and exciting stories – our list for children from age two and up contains things they know but don’t often find in books: real life with ALL its aspects. Things in our stories may be wild and chaotic as in »Die Böckchen-Bande» (»The Billy Goats Gruff»), but we also allow room for serious matters, such as the story of a refugee family in »Bestimmt wird alles gut« (»Everything Will Be Alright«). Many of our books are not easy to categorize; for instance, our nonsense books like »Was sitzt im Wald und winkt?« (»What Sits in the Forest and Waves?«) and »Alle Kinder« (»All the children«) are popular among readers of all ages.

Children’s Stories

Unusual books such as our ›Elephant & Piggie‹-series and »Fünf Gramm Glück« (»Half a Pound of Happiness – Life of a Lunchbox«) make for an exciting start into children’s lives as readers. More advanced readers find suspense and fun in titles such as »Pullerpause im Tal der Ahnungslosen« (»A Comfort Break in the Valley of the Clueless«).

Everyday Knowledge

Our non-fiction books focus on the joy of discovery, and cover the really relevant subjects in children’s everyday lives. They inspire readers to join in and think along – for example the word treasure chest »Einfach alles!« (»Everything! Todo! Alles!«), the non-fiction picture book »Alle da!« (»All of Us, Together!«) about multicultural mixing and matching, or the wittily illustrated collection of children’s questions on love, sex and the body »Klär mich auf« (»Tell Me the Facts of Life«).

Authors and Illustrators

The majority of Klett Kinderbuch’s books are being developed in conjunction with German-speaking authors and illustrators. These include both exciting emerging talents and well-known greats such as Rotraut Susanne Berner, Kirsten Boie, Franziska Gehm, Werner Holzwarth, Anke Kuhl, Jörg Mühle, Eva Muszynski, Anja Tuckermann, Moni Port and Philip Waechter. License titles, for instance by Pernilla Stalfelt and Mo Willems, complete our list.

Current awards

  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2023 – nominiert in der Kategorie Kinderbuch:
    Katja Ludwig: Ellie & Oleg
    Illustration: Heike Herold
  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2023 – nominiert in der Kategorie Kinderbuch:
    Bjørn F. Rørvik: Fuchs & Ferkel
    Illustration: Claudia Weikert
  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2023 – nominiert in der Kategorie Sachbuch:
    Alea Horst: Manchmal male ich ein Haus für uns
    Illustration: Mehrdad Zaeri
  • Deutschlandfunk – Die besten 7 2023 – Monat April
    Pija Lindenbaum: Der erste Schritt
  • Deutschlandfunk – Die besten 7 2023 – Monat März
    Pija Lindenbaum: Der erste Schritt
  • Esel des Monats 2023 – Pija Lindenbaum: Der erste Schritt
  • Lesekompass der Stiftung Lesen 2023 – Nora Dåsnes: Hände weg von unserem Wald
  • Leselotse 2023 – Pija Lindenbaum: Der erste Schritt
  • Luchs 2023 – Luchs des Monats Juni
    Pija Lindenbaum: Der erste Schritt
  • SPELL - Siegener Preis für Erstleseliteratur 2023 – Leseknirps April 2023 (Lesestufe 1)
    Jörg Mühle: Kroko oder Krake
  • EMYS-Sachbuchpreis 2022 – November
    Birk Grüling: Am Arsch der Welt und andere spannende Orte
    Illustratorin: Tine Schulz
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2022 – Derick Wilder: Hat der Bagger einen Po?
    Illustratorin: K-Fai Steele
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2021 – Katharina von der Gathen: Anybody
    Illustratorin: Anke Kuhl
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2021 – Sabine Lemire: Mira: #familie #paris #abschied
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2021 – Moni Port: Ohne mich
    Illustrator: Philip Wächter
  • Kranichsteiner Jugendliteratur-Stipendien 2021 – Franz Orghandl: Der Katze ist es ganz egal
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2021 – Tanja esch: Wahrheit oder Quatsch?
  • Österreichischer Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis 2021 – Franz Orghandl: Der Katze ist es ganz egal
    Illustratorin: Theresa Strozyk
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2020 – Annika Leone: Überall Popos
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2020 – Stina Wirsén: Wer stört denn da?
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2020 – Franz Orghandl: Der Katze ist es ganz egal
    Illustratorin: Theresa Stroyzk
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2020 – Kim Fupz Aakeson: Hugo und Hasan
    Illustrator: Rasmus Bregnhoi


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