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The publishing house and its history

Loewe Verlag has been publishing books out of passion for over 150 years! Its credo is to publish books that children and young people want to read. Because reading is a central competence in our society, which Loewe wants to convey with innovative concepts and exciting stories. Loewe Verlag is one of the leading publishers of children's and young adult books in Germany.

The traditional "Leselöwen" brand has been turning first-time readers into reading professionals for over 45 years and is constantly being developed further. Classics such as "Das magische Baumhaus", "Die Gespensterjäger" and "Skulduggery Pleasant" are at home in the independent publishing house. Authors such as Ursula Poznanski, Sonja Kaiblinger and Karl Olsberg inspire their readers and are part of a book program that offers pure reading pleasure for everyone from the age of 6 months.

The traditional company has been owner-managed since it was founded in 1863. Christoph Gondrom, the 3rd generation of the Gondrom family, joined the management team in 2012. He has managed the publishing house since 2016.


Whether it's the "Loewe von Anfang an" early learning program, the "Leselöwen" first-reading concept or the innovative "Loewe Graphix" series, Loewe Verlag's books are designed to meet the needs of children, young people and their families - for holistic reading promotion.

In 2021, Loewe Verlag launched the new adult label "Loewe Intense". The stories of "Loewe Intense" focus on self-discovery, love and passion as well as the first step towards independence by starting university, training or entering professional life. Strong and independent protagonists search for their place in life and find love in all its facets.

Anticipating social developments and recognizing trends at an early stage is one of the guiding principles behind the program design. This is because the publisher wants its content to reflect the reality of life for children, teenagers and young adults. For this reason, the program also includes children's and young adult books on topics such as sustainability, environmental protection and artificial intelligence as well as gender identity, racism and discrimination.

Authors and illustrators

Isabel Abedi, Julia Boehme, Cornelia Funke, Franziska Gehm, Dagmar Geisler, Julia Ginsbach, Kyra Groh, Sonja Kaiblinger, Derek Landy, Antonia Michaelis, Annette Mierswa, Karl Olsberg, Mary Pope Osborne, Alice Oseman, Ursula Poznanski, Ava Reed, Margit Ruile, Arno Strobel, Frauke Scheunemann, Michelle Schrenk, Jochen Till, Carolin Wahl, Vanessa Walder and many more.

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My First Naturebook (series)

  • Sandra Grimm
  • Illustrated by Stefanie Reich
  • Autumn 2023, 18 pages,
  • Boardbook
  • Ages 2+
  • All rights available

With this wonderful new Nature Child series about native animals and their habitats, we can get to know them better.

Pauline the Flop Fairy

  • Ursula Poznanski
  • Illustrated by SaBine Büchner
  • Spring 2024, 48 pages,
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

An enchanting picture book that goes beyond any girl clichés. With endearing and quirky characters and the big question: What is happiness?

Safe Child, Happy Parent (series)

  • Dagmar Geisler
  • Illustrated by Nikolai Renger
  • Spring 2023, 48 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 6+
  • Rights sold (series): English

Emotional development for primary school children. Dagmar Geisler’s new nonfiction book series on different topics of concern to promote the emotional development of elementary school children. It answers complicated questions in easy-to-understand texts suitable for first-time readers and provides helpful discussion starters for adults and children as well as for educational work.

Kalli Desertbabble (series)

  • Julie Leuze
  • Illustrated by Illustrated by Thorsten Saleina; Character concept by Anke Loose
  • Autumn 2023, 96 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 7+
  • All rights available

Leo is amazed when suddenly a small blue animal with huge ears is standing in front of him and introduces himself as Kalli Desertbabble. Leo knows a lot about animals. But he has never met one like this before. It turns out that Kalli is the last of his kind and urgently needs protection and a new home. Will Leo be able to help him? And how is he supposed to keep the constantly chattering Kalli a secret?

The Secret Life of Animals – Forest (series)

  • Vanessa Walder
  • Illustrated by Simona M. Ceccarelli
  • Spring 2022, 208 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 8+
  • Rights sold (series): Czech, Latvian, Russian, Slovak

The forest is beautiful and full of secrets, but also dangerous. Come with us on a journey under the mighty treetops!

Anderwald – The secret of the Silverwolf (Vol. 1)

  • Julie Leuze
  • Illustrated by Stefanie Klaßen
  • Spring 2024, 208 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 8+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Only Fiona can see the gate that leads to the secret Anderwald. There, she meets a silver wolf who keeps a great secret. And an even greater treasure …

Lola (series)

  • Isabel Abedi
  • Illustrated by Alexandra Rügler
  • Autumn 2023, 208 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 9+
  • Rights sold (series): Russian, Ukrainian

There’s always a lot going on in Lola’s world and one adventure follows the other. Lola never shies away from even the biggest challenges and pursues her dreams with confidence! The first 3 volumes of the Lola series in a new look. Accompany Lola on her daily adventures and get encouraged by the confident, authentic protagonist to make your dreams come true! A highly topical
series that is as diverse as the world. With stories about friendship and acceptance, identity and diversity.


  • Ursula Poznanski
  • Autumn 2023, 432 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 14+
  • All rights available
  • Website

As a child, Julian has strange visions. Years later, Julian is confronted with a shocking realization. Some of his visions seem to have come true. Is he seeing shadows cast by the future? Could he prevent bad events from happening? Or is he unleashing even greater disasters? What if the future leaves its mark on the present? Following her recent bestsellers, the SPIEGEL bestselling author Ursula Poznanski presents her new thriller: Oracle. An exciting all-age thriller about truth and visions between medicine and mystery. A story about the dilemma of a modern oracle, told in a highly suspenseful way, full of twists and turns.


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