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The Publishing House and its History

Creating books and children’s media, motivating children to get active and stimulating their curiosity and creativity are the goals publisher Sebastian Zembol has committed to when establishing his publishing house in 2006. Several products were followed in 2009 by the first extensive list, among it the ›KeinBuch‹ series, which has since proved to become a bestseller. Currently the backlist consists of about 96 titles.

The unusual and high-quality publishing program of Mixtvision Verlag was recognized in 2009 by the Bavarian State Minstry of Culture and Education and awarded with the Bayerischer Kleinverlagspreis. In 2019 the publishing House was awarded with the Deutscher Verlagspreis.

Mixtvision produces and prints in Germany. Furthermore the publishing house is the initiator and sponsor of the Kinderkunsthaus, member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft von Jugendbuchverlagen, sponsoring member of the Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur member of the funding initiative of the Kurt Wolff Stiftung and sponsor of the initiative Buy local and Stiftung Lesen.

Wir wollen Menschen neugierig machen auf die Welt und auf sich selbst. Und wie ginge das besser, als mit dem Erzählen von Geschichten.


Each year, Mixtvision publishes approximately 15 titles for children and young adults: artful picture books that believe in the power of illustration; poetry collections that connect pop and tradition; children's novels that are fun to read and deal with current issues using subtle subtext; challenging books for young people that immerse themselves in extreme worlds in a variety of ways. In addition to special contents, Mixtvision is always looking for special ways of storytelling. Digital formats have been part of the Mixtvision brand core from the very beginning, true to the company's motto: Weiter.Erzählen.

The Mixtvision list is characterized by a great artistic and creative variety. Among our original titles are successful children’s book series (“Mission Hollercamp”) or humorous early teen novels (“Henny & Ponger”). Carefully selected licensed titles, like “Alice im Wunderland” (Alice Éditions, Belgium) or “Mein bester Freund, der Bär” (Ars Lamina, Macedonia) are added to the list each year.

Authors and Illustrators

Writing, illustrating and rhyming for Mixtvision are:
Lena Hach, Timo Becker, Valeria Docampo, Joe Berger, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, Sarah Crossan, Karin Gruß, Agnès de Lestrade, Lissa Evans, Maria Engstrand, Ingrid Godon, Yves Grevet, Katharina Greve, Susanne Göhlich, Stefanie Harjes, Alexandra Helmig, Oliver Jeffers, Teemu Juhani, Vane Kosturanov, Rindert Kromhout, Noora Kunnas, Mat Larkin, Philipp Löhle, Nils Mohl, Lisa Rammensee, Kathrin Schrocke, Susanne Straßer, Christine Werner, Julie Völk, Anja von Kampen, Susanne Weber, Barbara van den Speulhof, Dorota Wünsch und Mirjam Zels.

Current awards

  • Bayerns beste Independent Bücher 2023 – Isabel Minhós Martins, Bernardo P. Carvalho (Illustration): Hallo Wind. Hallo Sonne
  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2023 – Nominiert
    Nils Mohl: Henny & Ponger
  • Verlagsprämien des Freistaats Bayern 2023 – Prämie für Stefan Boonen, Melvin (Illustration): Billie und die Gene
  • Bayerns beste Independent Bücher 2022 – Katharina Bendixen: Taras Augen
  • Deutscher Verlagspreis 2022 – Preisträger
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2022 – Katharina Bendixen: Taras Augen
  • Deutscher Verlagspreis 2021 – Preisträger
  • Bayerns beste Independent Bücher 2020 – Jan Paul Schutten und Arie van't Riet: Nette Skelette
  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2020 – Sarah Crossan: Wer ist Edward Moon?
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2020 – Laurel Snyder: Insel der Waisen
  • Verlagsprämien des Freistaats Bayern 2020 – Prämie für Laurel Snyder: Abby's Traum
  • Astrid-Lindgren-Gedächtnis-Preis 2019 – Baek Hee Na: Wolkenbrot
  • Deutscher Verlagspreis 2019 – Preisträger

Foreign Rights Highlights

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Leander Linnen’s Wonderful Shop

  • Lena Hach
  • Illustrated by Friederike Ablang
  • Autumn 2022, 176 pages, 17.0 x 23.0 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 4+
  • All rights available

Leander Linnen runs a small, inconspicuous junk shop. And yet there is a very special magic that emanates from the bearded old man and his business. Whoever enters the shop will leave it a little richer – enriched by a bit of serenity, the perfect gift or simply inspired by the magic of Christmas.In 24 + 1 magical read-aloud stories, Lena Hach writes of honesty and forbearance, the value of time spent together, the joy of giving and tolerance and togetherness.

Mission Hollercamp (series)

  • Lena Hach
  • Illustrated by Lisa Hänsch
  • Spring 2022, 220 pages, 13.8 x 19.6 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 10+
  • All rights available

During the holidays, Leon is off to Hollercamp! His family goes camping there every year and his friends Emily and Jakub are already waiting for him. An exciting holiday season full of sun, swimming and adventures in nature lies ahead of the trio.

Trend topic: camping!
Written in diary style, with witty, hand-lettered notes in the margins
Inclusive & diverse: reflects on everyday racism and dealing with disabilities

Vol. 1: The Eerie Stranger
Vol. 2: The Abandoned Household

Mr. Kleemann and his fish

  • Beate Hanika
  • Illustrated by Merle Goll
  • Spring 2023, 40 pages, 24.8 x 25.3 cm
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 3+
  • All rights available

Mr. Kleemann loves fishing and he loves tasty fish. One day he catches a very special specimen. The fish is silver with light blue eyes and gold dots on the belly. Mr. Kleemann has never seen anything so beautiful! He takes the fish home with him. But it doesn’t end up in the frying pan ...A touching story about the power of empathy and the quiet happiness of simply letting others live.


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