The Publishing House and its History

ONE is an imprint of Bastei Lübbe AG. It was launched in the fall of 2014 with the release of the first book in the five-volume Magisterium-series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. The first complete program followed in the spring of 2015. Ever since, there have been about 11 new releases every six months.

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The novels published by ONE are mainly Young Adult or All Age fiction. It is the declared goal of the program planners to publish a small but fine list of books, each of which lives up to the imprint’s name by featuring unique content. It’s all in the mix so that ONE offers a home for fantasy, suspense, and dystopia as well as for romantic love stories and heart-wrenching coming-of-age tales. After initially publishing hardcover editions only, in the meantime we also regularly have paperback editions as part of the list.


ONE publishes books by German writers as well as licensed titles by foreign-language authors. The program does not only include the works of bestselling authors like Holly Jackson, Mary E. Pearson and Sabaa Tahir but also of renowned authors such as Kelly Oram, Bill Konigsberg and George Lester, who have gathered a loyal fanbase. ONE also publishes novels by Anne Freytag, Alicia Zett, Kira Licht and Valentina Fast – all German authors with close ties to their community.

Current awards

  • Bücher des Jahres von Apple Books 2023 – Bestes Jugendbuch
    Alicia Zett: Wellen im Sturm
  • Buchsommer-Leserpreis Sachsen 2021 – Kira Licht: Kaleidra - Wer das Dunkel ruft (Bd.1)



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Public Relations Jacqueline Manstein

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