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The Publishing House and Its History

Up to now, Penguin JUNIORs history isn’t very long at all: The first books will be published in spring of 2021. Penguin JUNIOR was founded to bring books into the world that accompany children in their development and at the same time support their parents in showing them how to be strong, independent individuals. This is our goal that we now share with the world and we are excited for all that is to come. Let’s see how this short text will grow with Penguin JUNIOR.

Uns ist wichtig, die Vielfalt unserer Gesellschaft in unseren Kinderbüchern widerzuspiegeln. Das war ein Grundgedanke bei der Gründung von Penguin JUNIOR, wo wir auch im allerjüngsten Pappbilderbuchbereich auf Diversität achten und traditionelle Rollenklischees vermeiden.


Books accompany our lives from the beginning on. This is why Penguin JUNIOR publishes books, that support adventurous spirits from day one in their quest to be curious, to learn and to explore and to find their very own voice. Be it cardboard, picture book, non-fiction or storybook – our books invite kids to marvel, learn in a playful way and to use ones imagination. This guarantees fun for the whole family with moments full of love and security.

Penguin JUNIOR books also play their part in helping kids grow into a self-assured people. They offer support in understanding our world and provide orientation in the kid’s reality.

How does this affect our program?

Penguin JUNIOR books are based on innovative and diverse concepts: Our stories and illustrations are creative, surprising and humorous. They open up playful, imaginative and at the same time content-focused ways to all kinds of different living environments and topics that are relevant for kids age 0-7. Via innovative game effects, Penguin JUNIOR books invite little readers to interact. Top-quality and carefully selected manufacture are a given for us. All Penguin JUNIOR books are developed by experiences experts and tested by kids, which makes them true quality products.

A matter close to our hearts is that all our books are climate-neutral. From beginning on, we have supported Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe’s climate-protection project to reforest the rainforest of Campo Grande in Brazil with all our products.

Current awards

  • Drei für unsere Erde 2024 – Jahresempfehlung
    Polly Owen: Kackadiesisch – Darwins großes Regenwurm-Spektakel
  • Buxtehuder Kälbchen 2023 – Nominated
    Milena Baisch: Glitzer für alle!
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2022 – Auszeichnung
    Tracey Corderoy: Ist ja nur eins?!

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Penguin Junior – Books for Early Readers: At Last, My Very Own Unicorn!

  • Sandra Grimm
  • Illustrated by Isabelle Göntgen
  • Spring 2024, 48 pages, 17 x 24 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 6+
  • All rights available
  • Website

For her birthday, Alma wants nothing more than a real unicorn. But instead all she gets is unicorn pyjamas, a unicorn pillow, a unicorn cycle helmet and a unicorn lamp. But that evening, when she turns on the lamp, something amazing happens: suddenly, a unicorn flies around her room in a cloud of glitter – and takes her on a wonderful adventure …

Little Badger & Big Badger – The Huge Fight

  • Annette Herzog
  • Illustrated by Olga Strobel
  • Spring 2022, 32 pages, 27.0 x 23.0 cm
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 3+
  • Rights sold: Danish
  • Website

When two best friends fight …

Little Badger wants to go on adventures – and be the first to explore everything. Ideally, together with Big Badger. And Big Badger loves to bake cakes and welcome visitors. Especially, when it is Little Badger. So it is no surprise that they are best friends!

One day, however, Little and Big Badger have a huge fight. All of a sudden! Really bad! Both decide that they need a new best friend. Immediately! Or, how else do you end a huge fight?

Glitter for Everyone!

  • Milena Baisch
  • Illustrated by Eefje Kuijl
  • Spring 2022, 32 pages, 21.0 x 27.0 cm
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Only for girls? Only for boys?

Paul finds a glittering crown in kindergarten. But his friend Tarek says that only girls play with glittery things. So what will happen if a boy does it anyway? Will there be an explosion? Or will he turn into a glittery star? Paul and Tarek are brave and test it out, even though the other children laugh. Tilly decides to be brave as well: She defends Paul and Tarek! Because girls are brave and strong as well, of course!

A picture book that encourages all children – boys AND girls – to be true to themselves, and invites us to question “typical” gender roles.

Make Way, My Deer!

  • Stephanie Schneider
  • Illustrated by Susan Batori
  • Spring 2022, 32 pages, 21.0 x 27.0 cm
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

There is space for everyone here!

The deer have found a secret spot while cruising with their nice convertible. And of course, they want it all to themselves. However, more and more animals come to the lake: they swim, play and picnic. It is such a hustle and bustle, and the deer don’t like it at all! Yet, when it suddenly starts to rain and the seats of their precious convertible get wet, the other animals come together to their aid with blankets, sunshades and towels. And the deer realise, feeling quite ashamed of their behaviour, that it is much better when all the animals come together.

A funny picture book about the important everyday issues of tolerance and sharing.

Ten, Nine, Eight – The Fox Cub Says Good Night

  • Silvia Schröer / Silke Schwarz
  • Illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki
  • Spring 2021, 32 pages, 27 x 23 cm
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 3+
  • All rights available except World English
  • Website

In ten minutes it’ll be time for bed. The little fox and his friends aren’t tired at all, but there’s no changing Daddy Fox’s mind.

So the little fox and his friends have ten eventful minutes left – for all kinds of things go on in Slumberwood just before dark! But adventures can be very tiring…

A gentle story perfect for the nightly bedtime ritual

The picture book “Sisters First” illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki was a 2019 New York Times bestseller.

My Confidence Book – You Are Wonderful!

  • Sandra Grimm
  • Illustrated by Olga Strobel
  • Spring 2021, 18 pages, 17 x 17 cm
  • Boardbook
  • Ages 2+
  • All rights available
  • Website

This board picture book makes it easy to aid and encourage children in their development. The warm-hearted and fun rhymes reassure them that they’re loved and supported, and each new step they take in this world is duly praised as the special event that it is.

A book to help little ones grow up with confidence and courage!

Encouraging and supporting children with love

Book 2, “You Can Do It for Sure!” to be published simultaneously

Matz & Miep – Tired?

  • Isabel Kreitz
  • Illustrated by Isabel Kreitz
  • Spring 2021, 22 pages, 17 x 17 cm
  • Boardbook
  • 18 month+
  • All rights available except World English
  • Website

Matz and Miep are very tired. They’re already about to fall asleep, even though storytime isn’t over yet! They quickly brush their teeth – it’s part of the bedtime routine. But then Matz has all sorts of problems getting into his pyjamas. Miep does his best to help. Now Matz is finally ready for bed – but suddenly Miep has disappeared! Where on earth can he be? There’s no way Matz can go to sleep without Miep!

Two friends in the venerable tradition of Snoopy & Woodstock, Calvin & Hobbes and Tom & Jerry

Book 2, Hungry! to be published simultaneously


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