The Publishing House and its History

About Usborne Children's Books

Usborne is the UK’s leading specialist children’s book publisher: an independent, family business which creates engaging, innovative, accessible books for children of all ages.

How it all began

When Peter got a call from his wife saying he was going to be a father, he immediately decided to move into children’s book publishing so that he could create colourful, exciting, captivating books for a new generation of kids – including his own.

More than four decades later, Usborne children's books are known and loved by families all around the world.

Founded by Peter Usborne, the baby he received that phone call about – Nicola Usborne – is now our MD.

Usborne has a great heritage but is also committed to moving forwards.

The people behind the books

Usborne children's books are almost all created by a super-talented team of 35+ editor/writers and over 50 designers who work in-house for Usborne. This makes us different from most other publishers (who usually commission outside authors to write books for them) and allows us to have complete creative control.

We spend as much time as we have to, to get things right. An Usborne book takes as long as it takes – it doesn’t leave the building until it’s just right. Sometimes that’s a long time, but we believe that quality comes from time, care, attention, skill and passion.

We employ the brightest, most creative people and ask them to put kids at the centre of everything they do. We ask them to think like kids and experience things like kids, with curiosity and wonder.

As a company we are constantly innovating, looking for new ways to engage children with books and reading – and we’re ambitious for our readers. We know children are big thinkers with an insatiable hunger for fascinating facts and new ideas and we want to challenge them with complex topics.

Our motto: Do It Better

Our aim is to create the very best books for children – books they read again and again, that they carry with them everywhere, read under the bedcovers by torchlight and that they remember into adulthood. We want children to think books are amazing, exciting, entertaining, fascinating and full of wonder. And we know kids are smart, so we never talk down to them.

For parents, we strive to be there every step of the way, helping new parents introduce their babies to books that will stimulate and engage them, and supporting parents as their children learn to read, grow in confidence and start reading to learn. We love to see kids grow with Usborne.

Our motto is ‘do it better’. We always do our best to create books for children which contain accurate, reliable information, presented in an attractive and appealing way and produced in an ethical manner to the highest international standards.

Usborne in Germany

Since August 2012, over 500 diverse and colourful German-language children’s books have been published under the name of Usborne Verlag. Our focus has been on books for babies and toddlers, a wide range of books that emphasize imagination and activity, as well as a steadily growing array of non-fiction books for young readers.

We have since established a new office in picturesque Regensburg, from which our sales and marketing team can stay in close contact to the German book industry, and attend to the wishes and demands of our customers even better than before.


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