Publishers of Children’s and Young Adult Literature from A to Z

Now also digitally available

As the association of publishers of German-language children’s and young adult literature the avj bundles important addresses and institutions as well as useful information for authors and illustrators in their online catalogue of children’s book publishers.

Since 1998 there has been an annual print edition of the avj’s membership index »A to Z of Publishers of Children’s and Young Adult Literature«. It has been the primary tool for all who want to inform themselves about the current children’s and young literature publishing scene and the different programs ever since. In times of growing mobility the internet has become an indispensable source of information.

The agency for interface design and web development »helllicht medien GmbH« ( supports the avj in the digital development of this important index so that it will stay the vital source of information related to children’s and young adult media, institutions, recommendation lists and contacts. In cooperation with the avj, helllicht developed and implemented the concept of this digital catalogue.

A to Z: The Branch at One Glance

The overview of publishing houses that are members of the avj outlines the vast majority of German-language publishers of children’s and young adult literature. Visitors who would like to get an overview of the branch have the option to browse the different descriptions of each publishing house. Visitors that are trying to find a specific publishing house are able to do so in no time due to an integrated search function which allows them to immediately navigate to the respective site.

The Detail Pages of the Publishing Houses

Extensive information regarding each publishing house’s history and program, upcoming events and current publications as well as a list of contacts can be found on the detail page of the publishing houses. Individual illustrations add a fitting look to each site and offer a taste of the respective publishing program.

Convenient: To browse the different descriptions of the publishing houses, visitors do not have to return to the overview page every time. With just one click they are able to skip to the following or previous page instead.


The information supply of the avj’s membership index is completed with an editorial section. Under »Information« authors and illustrators can find helpful tips and tricks, important addresses, catalogues and recommendation lists, magazines as well as basic facts regarding prizes and awards.

Extra User-Friendly

The online catalogue is particularly designed to meet the needs of visitors using mobile devices: A responsive design, a short loading time and a navigation that enables scrolling rather than clicking, make browsing the website easy, also on a tablet or a smartphone.