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The Publishing House and its History

Reading is life

For 225 years, Verlag Herder has stood for high-quality content and innovative services. Faith, education and values are the main themes of the Freiburg-based publishing house, one of the oldest in Germany and now in its sixth generation of family ownership.

Herder's publishing program provides inspiration, orientation and expertise on central topics of life. This continuity is due to the constant challenge posed by the issues of the day, which we reflect on the basis of enduring values.

Our focus is traditionally on theology, religion and spirituality as well as education and kindergarten. We also publish non-fiction books on current topics from society, politics and history or on psychology and life design. Our religious children's books offer just as diverse a range of content as the extensive Herder gift and audio book program.


The Herder children's book program offers many opportunities to discover the world of values for oneself and to deal with the topics of society, religion and faith. The high-quality text and picture editions of the Bible, prayer books for different age groups, First Communion and Confirmation titles as well as non-fiction books on religious topics stand for a strong program and for Herder's commitment to the Christian tradition.

Sophisticated children's books have been part of the program since the company was founded, both in the religious and secular areas. Herder offers classics such as "The Happy Lion", "Herder’s Big Children’s Bible", "My Wonderful Fairytale World " or “Herder’s Big Picture Encyclopedia” and a selected picture book program with successful titles such as "Those Pesky Rabbits", "Churbi and the Heavenly King" or "Two Friends in Football Fever".

But above all, the publisher's picture and children's books are designed to awaken a love of reading and prepare them for life's adventures, e.g. with the Book series " The Koki Gang" (for children aged 8 and over) or the newly launched "BIBLE EXIT GAME" series. In addition, children as well as comic and manga fans can discover the Bible anew or for the first time with the titles "The Bible. Graphic Novel" and "Manga Messiah".

Authors and Illustrators

Virginie Aladjidi, Max Bolliger, Sebastian Braun, Willeke Brouwer, Anna Butte, Roger Duvoisin, Rainer Erlinger, Louise Fatio, Guiliano Ferri, Ciara Flood, Katja Gehrmann, Angela Glökler, Carolin Görtler, Erwin Grosche, Elmar Gruber, Anselm Grün, Nina Hammerle, Frank Hartmann, Kerstin Hau, Martina Hoffmann, Sandra Huebenthal, Franz Hübner, Katja Jäger, Bethan James, Bénédicte Jeancourt-Galignani, Erich Jooß, Margot Käßmann, Mychailo Kazybrid, Maite Kelly, Bernhard Klinger, Julia Knop, Hidenori Kumai, Daniel Kunz, Christian Linker, Natalie Merheb, Claus Mikosch, Felix Neureuther, Miriam Neureuther, Susanne Niemeyer, Annette Langen, Peter Otten, Caroline Pellissier, Cornelia Pompsch, Stephan Pricken, Vanessa Riecke, Irmi Riedl, Barbara Rose, Nina Ruge, Tammi Salzano, Ursel Scheffler, Robert Scheffner, Iris Schürmann-Mock, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Georg Schwikart, Kozumi Shinozawa, Lisa Stegerer, Ulrike Steinhoff, Sabine Straub, Samantha Sweeney, Georg Telemann, Meike Töpperwien, Joëlle Tourlonias, Catharina Westphal, Frauke Weldin, Sally Ann Wright, Sabine Zett and many others

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