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The Publishing House and its History

Children’s and young adult audiobook publisher »Silberfisch« (Silver Fish) was founded in 2007 under the Hörbuch Hamburg umbrella, along the banks of the Elbe. Thanks to a careful selection of materials and a consistently high level of quality productions the publisher has been very successful from the start.


Every year, Silberfisch releases about 120 titles—from classic narration to audio drama. The program embraces a good mix of entertainment, high quality literature, and exciting nonfiction for all age groups.

Alongside classics by Michael Ende, Judith Kerr, Max Kruse and Otfried Preußler one can find contemporary children’s and young adult audiobooks by Isabel Abedi, Nina Blazon, Julia Dippel, Marc-Uwe Kling, Stephenie Meyer, Martin Muser, Andreas Steinhöfel, Oliver Scherz, Saša Stanišić, Uwe Timm, and Juli Zeh.

Strong characters and series, like ›Die Schule der magischen Tiere‹ (The School of Magic Animals), ›Conni‹, ›Der kleine Rabe Socke‹ (Sock the Crow), ›Die kleine Hummel Bommel‹ (Bobbles, the Little Bumblebee), ›Das magische Baumhaus‹ (Magic Tree House), ›Bitte nicht öffnen‹ (Please Do not Open), ›Der kleine Siebenschläfer‹ (Fat Little Dormouse) and ›Wie man 13 wird‹ (How to turn 13) complete the program.

In spring 2022, Dirk Rossmann's first children's book will be published by Silberfisch – with Rufus Beck as prominent audio book speaker. "Tintoretto und seine Freunde" (Tintoretto and his Friends) points to big topics like friendship and mindfulness, quarrels and reconciliation, as well as environmental pollution and climate change. With his excellent variety of voices, Beck brings the octopus Tintoretto, his sea friends and the dazzling underwater world to life.

In "Whisperworld, Band 1: Aufbruch ins Land der Tierflüsterer" (Whisperworld, Volume 1: Departure into the Land of the Animal Whisperers) author Barbara Rose also raises awareness towards nature protection and species extinction. In the unspoiled land of Whisperworld five children learn how to interact with animals, mythical creatures and nature, and become animal whisperers to protect endangered species. Julia Nachtmann's stirring and moving reading lends a strong voice to the opening of the new series.

Well-known bestseller series such as Margit Auer's ›Die Schule der magischen Tiere‹ (The School of Magic Animals) will be continued, too. In his warmly humorous tone Andreas Fröhlich reads "Die Schule der magischen Tiere – Endlich Ferien, Band 7: Max und Muriel" (The School of Magic Animals – Finally Holidays, Volume 7: Max and Muriel) and sparks excitement for the summer holidays! With "Die Schule der magischen Tiere ermittelt, Band 4: Der Flötenschreck" (The School of Magic Animals investigates, Volume 4: The Flute Fright) and "Die Schule der magischen Tiere – Hörspiele, Band 12: Voll das Chaos!" (The School of Magic Animals – Audio Play, Volume 12: Chaos ahead!) two thrilling, musically lively audio adventures will be released.

Ulrich Noethen reads Otfried Preußler's "Der Räuber Hotzenplotz" (The Robber Hotzenplotz) and creates a multi-voiced robber theater with his singular performance of the classic. "Das kleine Gespenst" (The Little Ghost) – also forever young – is newly and ingeniously interpreted by Jens Wawrczeck. With great curiosity it haunts the walls of Eulenstein Castle, visits its friend Uhu Schuhu and dreams of seeing the world in daylight – at least for once.

A powerful and poignant reading is "Die Nelsons greifen nach den Sternen" (orig. We dream of Space) by author Erin Entrada Kelly. Julian Greis, Sascha Icks and Hanno Koffler enact the story about Fitch, Bird and Cash, who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the space shuttle Challenger in the USA. A catastrophe unites the siblings and makes you see: social, emotional and family struggles are timeless and dreams endless.

›Conni‹ celebrates her 30th anniversary! More than 100 ›Conni‹ audio books have already fascinated children of all ages and offer high identification potential by addressing everyday situations, family realities and childhood experiences. To celebrate this special anniversary, holiday adventures and teenage stories as well as touching ›Conni‹ audio books for the youngest will be published by Silberfisch.

Artists and actors

Our multi-faceted, award-winning group of actors and fiction readers include: Andreas Fröhlich, Julian Greis, Charly Hübner, Christoph Maria Herbst, Sascha Icks, Stefan Kaminski, Julia Nachtmann, Eva Mattes, Oliver Rohrbeck, Katharina Thalbach, Gert Heidenreich, David Nathan and Jens Wawrczeck.


Silberfisch audiobooks are regularly listed on the radio station hr2-Best Audiobooks monthly list for children and young adults and decorated audio book of the month by the German Academy for Children’s and Young People’s Literature.

The German audiobook award in the category »Best children’s audiobook« was awarded to Silberfisch in 2019, as well as the children’s audio book audience award of German booksellers HÖRkulino (2nd place) 2021.

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