BVK Buch Verlag Kempen

The Publishing House and its History

BVK Buch Verlag Kempen was founded in 1996 by chief executive Hildegard van der Gieth and has been continuously developed. Today, Sandy Willems-van der Gieth takes over the management step by step. She has worked in almost every department of the publishing house. Editorial office, design department, marketing as well as the sales department and the shipping department are all united under one roof. To guarantee these advantages, BVK Buch Verlag Kempen also offers apprenticeship training positions!

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BVK Buch Verlag Kempen develops and publishes pedagogical and educational material for kindergarten, elementary school (AE) and secondary school. Meanwhile, the program comprises more than 800 titles.
In addition to worksheets, masters and downloads for different lessons, the program consists of books for children and youth as well as nonfiction books, games, picture cards and other things.
Methodically worked-out and differentiated material is the strength of the program. Thus, the use of all material in kindergarten or class is very simple without preparations. Teachers have more time for observation and documentation. The material ist suitable for distance learning.


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BVK Buch Verlag Kempen GmbH

St. Huberter Straße 67
47906 Kempen


Phone +49 (0)2152 529 76

Contact Person

Chief Executive Hildegard van der Gieth, Sandy Willems-van der Gieth

Editorial Office Ilka Bonten-Löwenhag, Simone Schüller, Anja Gerlach, Silke Pauly, Melanie Braun, Aileen van Lipzig, Anne Ketelaars
+49 (0) 2152 895 623

Marketing and Events Janina Haselbach, Gerrit Lenssen
+49 (0) 2152 148 95 34 / /

Sales Department Melanie Cadima, Valeria Schimpf, Christina Schneider
+49 (0) 2152 529 76