The Publishing House and its History

»Children love Schneiderbuch« – and have done so for over 100 years. Surveys show that Schneiderbuch is one of the most beloved book publishers in Germany.

The publishing house was established in Berlin in 1913 by Franz Schneider and remained within the family until it was sold in 1985 to the Danish media group EGMONT. Today, Schneiderbuch is part of HarperCollins Germany GmbH and is based in Berlin.

Nordlicht-series by Karin Müller
»I couldn't put the books out of my hands and had to read them in one go! Now I have an Iceland-longing-hole in my heart again.«

Alice Pantermüller


Schneiderbuch stands for narrative children's books that are first and foremost entertaining and fun. »We inspire children to read« has been the motto of the publishing house ever since it was founded.

Schneiderbücher want to enthuse even reluctant readers of books with simple, yet high-quality reading pleasure. The program is aimed mainly at children and young people from six to twelve years of age and offers popular collections, thrilling series and exciting themed worlds.

Movie tie-in books like »Bayala«, »Frozen« or »Playmobil« round off the program and provide entertainment for little readers.

Currently, comic novels like »Kitty Krimi«, »DORK Diaries«, »Luisa« and the »Chilli«-books from Antje Szillat continue the tradition. The most successful series at present is »Tom Gates« from author Liz Pichon, which sold a million times. »Tom Gates« makes boys laugh with his fatefully experienced chaos.

In addition, guides to the popular computer game »Minecraft« have established themselves as strong sellers, just as »Das kleine Waldhotel«, a series awarded the »Leipziger Lesekompass«-price, and the Iceland-horse-novels (»Nordlicht«) by German author Karin Müller.

Speaking of which, the subject of »horses« has been a real long runner ever since Schneiderbuch was founded and is still going strong. Karin Müller’s »Nordlicht«-books, her upcoming series »Das Rätsel des Pferdeamuletts« starting in 2020 and the new publication by Sabine Giebken, »Wolfspferd«, inspire not only young horse lovers!

Authors and Illustrators

The program continues to be built upon by names such as Liz Pichon, Rachel Renée Russell, Karin Müller, Antje Szillat, Ursel Scheffler, Chantal Schreiber, Sabine Giebken, Sarah Nisse, Karolin Kolbe, Zapf, Désirée Kunstmann, Laura Ellen Anderson, Katy Birchall, Max Brooks, Perdita and Honor Cargill, Erhard Dietl, Kallie George, Tobias Goldfarb, Neil Patrick Harris, etc.

The publishing house therefore is proud of its tradition and enthusiastic about what today's children love.

Presently about 650 titles including e-books are available.


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